Augmentation Labiaplasty


Indications for the augmentation labiaplasty

Due to genetic causes, pregnancy or advancing age, in some women the outer labia are too small relative to the inner labia. Women affected complain of pain and discomfort during sexual activity with the partner because the inner labia are visible. Labiaplasty augmentation via fat injection can help.

Facts about labiaplasty augmentation at Berkei Aesthetic Surgery:

We perform the augmentation labiaplasty under general anaesthesia. The operation takes about 1-1.5 hours. After several hours the patient is able to leave the practice.

Surgical methods:

In most cases, we use the patient’s own fat to perform the augmentation labiaplasty. The fat is harvested from the abdomen, legs, hips or buttocks under sedation. This is very expedient, since it is a substance of the body and it does not cause any allergy.

The augmentation labiaplasty itself is performed as an injection after the harvesting. The area to be treated is put under local anaesthesia. Sedation can also be used if desired. It is recommended to repeat the injection within 2 weeks for a permanent result, since the fat is broken down by the body.

Cost of the augmentation labiaplasty:

The cost of the augmentation labiaplasty ranges between €1,200 and €2,000 plus anaesthesia cost and hospital cost.

Possible complications:

In most cases, there is moderate pain experienced as pulling in the area of the labia. This resolves in 48 hours at most. The patient may resume her normal activities after the first 48 hours. We recommend avoiding physical exercise and sexual activity for the next 2-3 weeks.

Since the harvesting of fat is liposuction, it carries the typical risks like sensation abnormalities and numbness. These resolve completely in a couple of days. There could be a sensation of tension in the treated area within the first couple of days. Circulation and healing problems can develop in rare cases. These lead to delayed wound healing and unsightly, wide scars. We have rarely seen such problems in the last 15 years.

Postoperative care:

We recommend avoiding carrying and lifting heavy weights as well as physical exercise and sauna during the healing phase. These can disturb the healing process. The patient may shower about 48 hours after the augmentation labiaplasty, however this should be done in moderation. Bathing in the tub is allowed after 6 weeks at the earliest, and only if the wound is closed and stable.

We recommend the use of vitamins and zinc. These speed up and have a positive effect on the healing phase.

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At a glance

  • Duration of the surgery: about 1 hour
  • Anaesthesia:  general anaesthesia
  • Hospital stay: outpatient
  • Postoperative care: 3 days cooling with cooling pads
  • Physical exercise: after 2-3 weeks