Breast Reduction


Breast reduction – when a low neckline becomes an embarrassment

In our society, large breasts are part of the ideal of female beauty. However, oversized, sagging breasts can become a painful embarrassment. The woman who has back, neck or shoulder pain or skin irritation, or whose bra straps cut into the skin and cause pain with every movement, does not care about the ideal of female beauty.  

Life is not the same any more. Headaches, abnormal posture and muscle tension are the consequences. Large breasts can be a physical or emotional embarrassment. If you suffer because of your large breasts and feel restricted in every movement , we can help you find a new, healthy, happy life. 

In view of the high demand for breast reduction, we have set up a special web page on this topic. You can find here all the important information on surgical technique, position of scars, cost and many other facts that you should know before your breast operation, put together by our breast specialists.  You can of course reach us for your questions by telephone at +49 (0)69 920 200 96 or by email at

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