When the breast loses its shape

A loose breast is a major physical and emotional problem for many women. With advancing age, the skin everywhere in the body loses its tone, firmness and elasticity. We see these natural, age-induced processes not only in the face, but also in the breast. Breasts lose their shape after weight loss, pregnancy or breast-feeding. In women with genetic connective-tissue looseness, such disharmonic problems can develop even without hormonal events. Overweight women have in most cases a disproportionate amount of fat in their breasts. The breasts are stretched by their own weight and sag. If weight loss occurs and the amount of fat decreases, the breasts become even looser.  The larger the breasts are, the more likely this process becomes. Young women who go through marked weight fluctuations can develop sagging breasts too. The stretching causes fissures in the thinned skin, the so-called `striae` or stretch marks. Once these have developed, the breasts are unlikely to regain their original shape.

In all these scenarios the following happens: the upper half of the breasts is flat, especially in the décolletage, whereas the lower half is heavy and sags very low. Because of the downward displacement of the weight, the pressure on the areolas increases. The diameters of the areolas increase. The nipples are directed increasingly downwards instead of forwards.

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