Cost components

We will give you an initial cost estimate the day of your consultation. We will give you a detailed cost plan within a week after the consultation and will do our best to give you a clear, realistic and comprehensive overview of the cost before the beginning of the treatment, so that you understand what you will be paying.

The cost components are the following:

  • Consultation fee (€100.00 for surgical procedures)
  • Treatment and operating-room fee
  • Anaesthesia cost
  • Hospital cost
  • Cost of room and board

Please always inquire about other costs if applicable, such as follow-up treatments, scar corrections or follow-up procedures.

Depending on the situation (previous operations, scars, trauma, loose connective tissue), there could be costs for follow-up treatments. In certain rare cases, the cost could change during the treatment.

What is the cost of an operation?

It is difficult to create a general cost schedule. Each treatment is individual. After a comprehensive evaluation, we will be able to send you a detailed cost estimate. We understand that many of our young patients or patients who have travelled from far away are very interested in discussing the cost issue early on. You may contact us by telephone or email to discuss this. Please take 5 minutes time and describe your question or problem as clearly as possible in an email. We can then give you an approximate cost estimate for your orientation before the evaluation. We answer emails within 24 hours on business days.

One more important thing: front-view and side-view photographs of the affected body area will help us give you an estimate of the operation cost via email. We will do everything we can to give you a list of the costs before the treatment so that you have something to rely on when you make your plans. Costs are subject to change in exceptional cases (longer operation time due to high tissue vascularity, adhesions, anatomic peculiarities, complications).

What are the payment options?

There are three payment options: self-pay, financing and coverage by the health insurer.

  1. Self-pay: many patients have had the desire to change for some time. We often hear from patients that they have considered plastic-aesthetic surgery and plan to pay the fee themselves.
  2. Financing: In case you need additional funds to pay for your treatment, you could consider credit. You could address this with your bank or a credit institution specialised in financing medical care (aesthetic interventions, dentures).
  3. Coverage by health insurer: if you plan to submit the cost to the health insurer, please let us know during the consultation. We will document our findings showing a medical indication and, if necessary, refer you to other specialists (ENT, dermatologist, general physician). You can then submit the cost estimate to your private health insurer before the operation.