Liposuction - Double chin



Who doesn`t know them? Unsightly fat pads that do not disappear despite physical exercise and healthy diet. There are many causes for excessive accumulation of fat. Persistent bad diet, little or no physical activity, genetic predisposition, pregnancy, or age-related changes in metabolism or hormonal status can play a role.

Trend liposuction:

According to recent studies, liposuction is one of the most common beauty operations worldwide. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, experts have developed the liposuction procedure extensively in the last couple of years. We have the possibility to individualise the treatment for patients with various clinical situations and variously pronounced fat deposits (microneedles). The second factor is the male. The number of males who undergo liposuction on the chin or breast is driving up the total number.

Liposuction on the male chin

The `double chin` makes men and women look older. Those affected are especially upset about the selective fat accumulation on the neck when looking at side-view photographs. Liposuction can help reduce the fat tissue. The skin in the neck area must be elastic enough to retract after the liposuction.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia or under sedation. Fat from the neck and, if necessary, from sagging cheeks is extracted through small punctures at the chin and sometimes at the earlobes. In order to prevent swelling and bothersome blood collections, a special pressure dressing is placed. This needs to be worn for 5 days.  

Cost of liposuction

Liposuction is a beauty operation and in most cases is not covered by health insurers. The total cost of your liposuction will depend on the method, the size of the body part to be treated, or the amount of the fat to be extracted. Dr Berkei will evaluate you and discuss with you during your consultation how to reconcile your desires with what is medically feasible. We will then make an individual cost estimate for you. In most cases, the cost ranges between 2,000-€5,500. You can find further information on the cost and its components in the menu option Costs.