Eyelidlift for men



The eyes, as `windows to the soul,` show the world most clearly how a person feels. Shining, lively eyes convey happiness and positive attitude. The skin of the eyelids is the thinnest in the whole body. The consequences of advancing age, but also of diseases of the heart, kidneys or thyroid gland are seen here first. Wrinkles, hanging upper lids and bags under the eyes convey the impression of tiredness and lack of strength; such people appear ineffective and devoid of vitality.

Procedure and incision

The lid lift is a procedure of low complexity and low complication rate that can have great results. The procedure is in most cases carried out under local anaesthesia with additional sedation and takes about 45 minutes.

Upper eyelid lift

The incision for the upper lid lift is made in the natural lid fold, so that the very thin scar that results is hidden in the fold. This allows the correction of the excess skin as well as fat tissue that usually accumulates at the inner angle of the eye.

Lower eyelid lift

The incision to access an excess of skin is made immediately below the eyelashes. Protruding fat tissue manifests itself as so-called `bags under the eyes` and can be removed with a strip of muscle. The healing process is very rapid because of the very thin skin. The sutures can be removed in 7 days. The scars heal remarkably quickly and well so that only barely visible white lines are left beyond the first couple of weeks.

At a glance:

  • Upper-lid lift duration: 1 hour
  • Lower-lid lift duration: 1.5 hours
  • Anaesthesia: sedation
  • Hospital stay: the patient can be discharged the same day accompanied by an adult
  • Postoperative care: outpatient
  • Resumption of normal activities: after 1 week
  • Physical exercise: after 3 weeks