Mons pubis aesthetic


Indications for mons pubis reduction

Fat deposits can develop in the mons pubis as a consequence of excessive body weight or hormonally-induced fat redistribution after menopause. This could be very bothersome, especially when it is accompanied by loosening of the abdominal wall, which occurs frequently. The extraction of the excessive fat permanently eliminates the voluminous aspect and protrusion of the mons pubis.

Facts on the mons pubis reduction at Berkei Aesthetic Surgery

We perform the mons pubis reduction under sedation or local anaesthesia. The operation takes about 2 hours. The patient may leave the practice after several hours.

Surgical technique and incisions:

The extraction of excess fat permanently eliminates the voluminous aspect and protrusion of the mons pubis. We use the time-tested and safe tumescent technique. If there is marked loss of elasticity of the lower abdomen, the procedure is combined with limited tightening of the lower abdomen. This optimises the shaping of the mons pubis.


The cost of the mons pubis reduction varies according to the extent of the procedure. It ranges between €1,500 and €2,000, plus the cost of anaesthesia and hospital.

Possible complications:

The reduction of the mons pubis is an operation. There are risks and possible complications. In most cases, the swelling resolves after a couple of days. Pain of varying severity can develop in the first 24-48 hours. It can be controlled by pain medications. In rare cases, postoperative bleeding or inflammation may develop.

Postoperative care:

Our patient must wear a compressive pair of trousers for 4 weeks after the mons pubis reduction. This protects the operated area and leads to a rapid shrinking of the swelling.

Your consultation:

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At a glance

  • Duration of the surgery: about 2 hour
  • Anaesthesia:  sedation, local anaesthesia
  • Hospital stay: outpatient
  • Postoperative care: wearing of a compression garment for 4 weeks
  • Physical exercise: after 3-4 weeks