Peeling & Mesotherapy


Shining skin with peeling and mesotherapy

This gentle natural procedure for wrinkle injection has been used in France for more than 50 years. It had its origins in pain therapy. Dr Michel Pistor invented mesotherapy in 1952. The name comes from mesos, the Greek word for middle. The doctor’s idea was to develop a procedure that aims for an optimal result by applying a small amount of medicine at exactly the right point. This reduces the side effects of the medicine. The injection at exactly the right point keeps the amount of substance low and makes the procedure particularly effective.


Brightening and improved blood supply of the skin, `shining complexion`
The so-called meso-lift effect, a higher background tone and tightness of the skin
Effective smoothing of superficial wrinkles

`This method doesn’t claim to make wrinkles go away completely. It is a basic therapy to improve the overall appearance. It increases the brightness, tone and moisture-binding capacity of the skin,` according to Dr Phillipe Petit, Bordeaus, president of the International Society of Mesotherapy.

Description of the procedure

Sterile biological substances like vitamins, aminoacids and coenzymes adjusted to the state of the skin are injected as small drops into the skin. The substances are placed right where most of the blood vessels run via micropunctures directly beneath the skin surface. The injections are carried out manually or by injection pistol with special attention to equal spacing of the fine punctures and equal penetration depth of the needles.

The treatment is repeated several times (roughly 3-5 treatments) at about 1-month intervals until the desired skin tightening and rejuvenation is obtained. A booster is recommended about 6 months later.