“Always follow your nose”

The nose is the central feature of the face and defines the character of a person. Sometimes a nose that is too large or crooked makes the face look unsightly, either too old or too hard. A person who has been teased at school because of his `witch nose,’ who avoids side-view photographs, or who spends hours at home in front of the mirror trying to find the best side of the face, will experience the nose operation as the beginning of a new era in life. At last, the eyes appear more prominent, the face looks younger and softer. When the face becomes harder because of age-induced loss of volume and tightness, the nose becomes more prominent and ends up appearing like a conspicuous `error` in the face. The nose correction is the prescription for appearing younger. A nose that is smaller, less crooked or straight gives a younger or friendlier look. A good result requires precision, experience and dexterity. Because of the high demand and the complexity of this procedure, we would like to point out a separate section for this topic on our new web page. Dr Berkei is a specialist in nose surgery and the right doctor to consult for your desired nose.